Our Services

We Deliver High Quality services in a record time

App Creation on App Store Connect & Certificates creation

We do everything needed for getting your app in the AppStore. Some examples :

  • Guidance for Apple Developer Account
  • Creation of all Certificates needed for launching your App
  • Upload of yout iOS app for AppStore Connect
  • Guidance on how to fullfill all required information on the AppStore Connect (Descriptions, screenshots sizes, etc
  • Push Notification Certificates and convertion for your push notification services
  • Other Services related (Testflight, in-house distribution certificates, etc)

Bug Fixing & App maintenance

If your app needs some kind of bug fixing or upgrade. Here are some examples :

  • Fix all issues of your app (code bugs and visual bugs)
  • Swift Version upgrade
  • Bugs related with new iOS updates or new iPhone/iPads releases
  • Mandatory upgrades on the code, needed to make app updates for the AppStore
  • Everything else that could be wrong with your app and is preventing from working properly

Custom Apps or Custom Features

If you have a greate idea for a new app or for a cool features , here a couple things we do to complete your objective:

  • Requirements assessement : We hava a meeting for gathering all needed information for your new app or feature.
  • High quality app development using the latest Apple techology and features for the newest iOS versions and iPhone capabilities
  • All work needed for having your app live
  • we provide all the final code of your apps because you paid for it

Quality Assurance

Never launch your apps without proper testing

  • Our QA team will test all features of your app and search for every possible failure point.
  • We provide every information regarding each issue (steps, iOS version, iPhone/iPad Model)
  • If applicable we can also provide recommendation on how you could improve your app